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Virtual Disability Conference 2022: Raising Expectations
Virtual Disability Conference 2022: Raising Expectations
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Raising Scope’s ability to safely support customers with feeding and swallowing disorders

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Institution: Scope Aistralia - Victoria, Australia

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Feeding and swallowing disorders (dysphagia) affect a significant proportion of individuals with a disability and choking and aspiration pneumonia are two of the leading causes of deaths for this population (Sheppard, 2006; Salomon and Trollor, 2020). An absence of comprehensive nutrition and swallowing assessments, and a lack of staff knowledge in the provision of safe mealtime assistance are two of the key contributing factors to dysphagia related deaths (Salomon and Trollor, 2020). Whilst the NDIS provides individual funding for swallowing assessments, this may be insufficient for additional mealtime assessments when an unexpected decline in swallow function occurs, or to provide adequate staff training and support, resulting in increased risk. 

Scope has appointed a Senior Dysphagia Clinician, to address this gap, and to ensure that all Scope customers are safely supported with their mealtimes. This has included developing further staff training, provision of expert advice for all staff in the area of mealtime management and conducting urgent, unfunded, mealtime reviews. 

This presentation will explore current issues, how Scope has addressed these, outcomes, as well as recommendations for service providers seeking to raise their ability to safely support customers with dysphagia. 




Naomi Rezzani - Scope Australia , Denise West - Scope Australia , Charlotte Russell-Maynard - Scope